Better Business WiFi

Is your current WiFi actually generating revenue? Could you use your customer hotspot for more than just keeping up with competitors? 

Amplify WiFi's Brand Portal is a creative and effective way to display your brand's unique personality and product offerings to every hotspot customer. 

Amplify WiFi offers you the ability to raise social media awareness, deliver strategic messages, or reach your customers' circle of influence through social media check-ins.

Each Brand Portal is uniquely designed to capture the attention and loyalty of each business' guest demograhpics and preferences.

So, here's how it works:

The Easy Part:

1. Guest WiFi equipment arrives in the mail.
2. Plug the equipment into your internet router.
3. Users connect to and view your Brand Portal.
4. Customers return informed and incentivized.

The Hard Parts Made Easier:

Marketing and mCommerce

  • Increase Social Media Traffic
  • Opt-In Marketing Campaigns
  • Push Key Messages to On-Site Guests
  • Increase Loyalty via Rewards Programs
  • Collect Phone Numbers for SMS Marketing
  • Deliver Hyper Local Content at Each Location
  • Increase Loyalty via Rewards Programs
  • Deliver App Downloads
  • Online Purchasing